Saturday, February 15, 2014

Well Friday was a short day at Casa De Fe. Erling and  I tried to get as many drawers made as we could while the rest played with the children. Then ate our last meal at Alexanders. Yes we had rice again. One o'clock and it was off to Banos.  We arrived and decided to go for a cup of coffee, then i had one of those " you got to be kidding me moments" Tungahua decides to shoot out ash and smoke and I left our camera at the Hotel. We did go up to a lookout that night to hopefully see some good viewing of the volcano but alas as usual too many clouds. On the way to the airport we did get some good picture of it. We did however get a nice view of the city from the mountain top.   Having a bad internet connection at the Quito airport but will upload photos when we arrive in the states.

Hasta Luego  

Friday, February 14, 2014

It was a beautiful day! The sun was out and the colors of Ecuador were bright! We made our hike
(about two miles) up to Casa de Fe. This morning we had a jungle hike planned. I went but I am not sure I
really saw the jungle because I paid very close attention to where I was placing my feet! Wow. Rainforest is
right. The jungle was very wet and if you got off the path you would sink in deep!

There is constant noise here: bugs, birds, dogs, cars and political rallies!

This afternoon they held what we would call a BBQ but they call it parrilla. We had sausage, chicken and pork.
They grilled up all the meat on two big grills. We also had a type of corn and a potato. The corn is not sweet like
our corn. We had grilled bananas too. Those were good! We had sodas and cakes from a local bakery.
There was lots of food and dishes to do.

Part of our group spent their time working on desk drawers.

Some of the ladies spent their time in front of a sewing machine sewing while others played with the toddlers.
It was a very full day!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Shell and go to Banos.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

This is a special blog.In this picture you can see Jimmy holding a photo of Sam and Genevieve Dalberg,
father and mother of Elaine Larson. Genevieve past away not that long ago. Elaine knew that her mother always
wished she could go on a mission trip but never made it. Because of that Elaine contributed some funds for our
Casa De Fe funds in honor of her mother. Well we took Sam and Genevieve with us and I assure you they love it.
As I told the story a number of the kids wanted to be included in the picture. Sam and Genevieve have been with us.
I believe they may just stay down here in Ecuador!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014

We worked hard today! We were in three groups. One group spent the morning with the babies working on
physical therapy goals each individual baby has. These can be done by just playing and having the babies stand
or reach out towards objects.

One group continued to clean the school. They are almost done with this project. There are approximately six
classrooms, two sets of bathrooms, and a veranda to clean.

The men worked on building a work station for the staff and then they worked on mixed concrete, shoveled sand(two truck loads), and
carried it by wheelbarrow
The cement crew was soaking wet! You don't stop pouring concrete despite the rain in Ecuador.

Tonight we ate at a nice restaurant. Some of us had a traditional meal with meat and yucca fries. Others had a nice hamburger with fries.
We will sleep good tonight after a long day or work and a full belly.

Please continue to keep us and Casa de Fe staff and children in your prayers. Pray for energy,good spirits and safety.

up the hill (both ways) and poured up into columns. They worked hard and in the rain... YES! It rained again today.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It rained again today! I have actually lost track of how many times it has rained today, but I still love it!
Today we hiked up to Casa de Fe to begin our work week. We split up into groups. One group worked on building a desk
for the staff. Another group had baby time and the third group (my group) worked on wiping down the pre-k classroom toys.
We worked hard. We were all pretty pumped to see the kids and love on them.

For lunch we hike back up the hill and ate at a place called Alexander's. When you go to lunch you don't necessarily order a meal.
They bring you the "special" for the day. We have a soup, real lemonade, and then the main meal of rice and some type of meat. We have
had chicken. Alexander's is right next to the market.

Many people have their own small business. Their shop is attached to their house and their children are with them as they work.
That is pretty amazing. They also seem to have no rules around children and cars. Children are not in seat belts or car seats!

I can't stop looking at the mountain ranges here. They change as the clouds move in and cover up parts of them.


Four of us took a plane ride into the jungle to visit the Waodani tribe. What a site from the plane window, all
that jungle below us.  We landed on a small airstrip and were greeted
them a loaf of bread and orange pop and that was gone in minutes! We were given a tour of their church and treated
to a dance. Dyuwi prayed for us and all the people of the world. Dyuwi is part of the group that speared the 5 missionaries from 1956.


by Omar one of the tribe members.  We brought