Saturday, February 4, 2017

Here we are in Baños waiting for the bus to Quito, then home. All are in one piece and fit. No broken bones, missing  fingers or gashes. See you soon.


                           These kids!

Friday, February 3, 2017

We met at Patti Sue's house Thursday evening for a meal, fellowship and debriefing.

                                                   Did I tell you Kendra ate a fish eye??

    The last full day with the kids.

                  Jeff with Boris.
Making empanadas with Laura, CDF's treasurer.

On Thursday the maestros butchered the pig. It was an all day event.
Jenica and pig skin
Cleaning intestines in the river
The week's must-do project was to build a new food pantry. Jeff worked with the maestros to constuct it. It was "all hands on deck" to carry it from the bodega to the casa. Wanda, Benita, Jenica and Rae painted. The food pantry is not finished yet but usable.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

                                                       Two of the tias doing laundry.

Kendra, Jenica, Rita, Rae and Traci spent a lot of time clearing paths in the jungle behind Casa de Fe.
The jungle is so dense with foliage. Everyone was fascinated with the variety of leaves and flowers. Working with Jaime was a joy. He is so kind and is trying to learn to speak English as we try to learn and practice Spanish.
Here we are sitting in a hut built by some of the children of Casa de Fe. It is a small version of a typical jungle shelter.

Jenica, Barb, Tracy, Carole, Rita, Kendra, and Nancy took a jungle flight to visit a tribe near where the 5 missionaries were speared. In the forefront of the group shot is Dyowe, one of the tribesmen involved in the spearing. He now passionately preaches the Gospel. The animal might be a capybara. Carole and Jenica are practicing using a blowgun, used for hunting.