Tuesday, January 31, 2017

 A new laptop was an item on the needs list, as a "wish list". Laura, the treasurer of Casa de Fe badly needed a new one. She was unable to contain herself even before we removed it from the packaging. It was an unexpected surprise.
We were happy to present $500 from Valley City to Henry, the director of Casa de Fe, for kitchen expenses. We will go shopping for kitchen items tomorrow. Our dollar contribution in combination with the Valley City Trinity Lutheran Church's  portion of $7500 totaled more than $20,000.
The bugs of the year, a walking stick and a leaf cutter ant stroll.

Monday, January 30, 2017

                                The school is on the left and the multi-use building is in back.

Each day we have lunch at Casa de Fe with the children. A half hour before eating the team meets with a different representative of CDF to hear their story and vision for their mission.
                          Wanda with Isaac who has Downs Syndrome. Jon with Linette and Mayila.

                                                                Carole and Sol.
                                                              Wanda and Maitay.
                                                               Rae and Maitay.
                                                 Carole and a child who is HIV positive.

Work on Monday included Kendra and Rita cleaning the animal areas. CDF is becoming more self sufficient. They are raising pigs, chickens and ducks. The first batch of ducklings recently hatched. The gals prepared a new cage area for them and their mother and moved them in. A stairway was damaged during the flooding. They also re-terraced them. Wanda and Carole assisted Mandy in sorting the donations we brought. Benita, Nancy, Jenica and Tracy helped Jaime remove wood debris carried in by the flood. This year's building project is constructing a new outdoor food pantry. Jeff started cutting and welding the frame.

Top, Nancy with Samuel and Carla. Bottom, Barb with Juan Carlos and Josue.
Jon's special gift to Casa de Fe is reading the Bible to the severely disabled children. We are missing Dolly who died this year but there are always others.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's late. There are so many photos and so little time! Here are some random pics.

Not everything is happy at Casa de Fe. The reality is that many children suffer from mental, emotional and physical trauma. Today the ambulance was called to take Rayana to the hospital. Rayana is one with the most profound disabilities.

 After lunch on Sunday we toured the Nate Saint House. The story of Nate Saint, his fellow missionaries and their deaths play a major roll in the development of the city of Shell.
In the kitchen are items made by tribal people which can be purchased. The person that made the item receives the money. Jenica really liked the spears and we almost lost a team member!

We and some of the children Skyped a greeting to Cormorant Lutheran during both worship services. While waiting between services we played.

Just Carol being Carol.

The gang out for lunch with Pattie Sue. Kendra was the only one to eat a fish EYE!