Monday, February 15, 2016

Houston we have landed in Fargo

God path for us

We tried so hard to get home yesterday but God had other plans.  Our plane from Ecuador was delayed because of a baggage "inspection"  this caused us to miss all our connections to fargo. We spent the night in Dallas (a first for almost all)  we also paused during the day to reflect why God put us on this path. We will be back this afternoon in Fargo. God is Good

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Our bugs of the year. A Tarantula just out side of the school's window and a large horned beetle.

Pam in all her Amazon beauty!   

This team worked very hard digging holes for the new banana trees.  According to Traci, the holes had to be dug way to big!

Traci and Bekka

Frixon getting some lovin. 

Kuka having a great time with the parachute!

The Tias are amazing woman who give love to all these children  Thanks Yolanda!

Now the adults playing with the parachute

Bekka, Rae and Sue helping organizing the school library

LIttle voices Praising God in a BIG way

 Aimar loving bubbles

Geidi's (the directors) beautiful art work

 Christina always ready to work hard with us

Jeff posing as refrigerator repair man

craft time

Leaves to wrap around our lunch
grilling for lunch (love these Tias)

the finished product.  and amazing lunch for the kids!